A great service especially when you are limited on space. We had 850 assorted tapes and hard drives to destroy but we didn’t want them going off site. Absolute came worked solidly for 2 days no fuss
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Our Unique Technical Process

Absolute Data Destruction use a unique two stage magnetic degaussing technology combined with our proprietary shredding process. The combined processes offer the best available data destruction solution without opportunity for failure.

The degaussing process irretrievably destroys the magnetic data on the drive.  The magnetic field is so strong it creates an eddy current which slows the fall of the disk platter in to the shredding stage.  The disk is then shredded to particle sizes of between 2mm and 5mm which far exceeds the most stringent government standards.

Any one of these processes is enough to make the data irretrievable however the two combined provides Absolute Data Destruction.