How Much Space Will You Need?

Absolute Data Destruction vehicles require a clear working space of 6m x 4m and are designed to work outside however subject to survey smaller working spaces can be used.  Vehicles are 2.2m wide, 2.4m high and 3.8m long.  Vehicles weigh 3.5 tonnes.

Power Requirements

Vehicles carry a 3 phase 6KVA generator which must be run outside of the vehicle for ventilation purposes.  It can be located up to 10 metres from the vehicle.  The generator produces 74Db of noise which is well under safe working standards however this should be considered as it might disturb people working nearby (74Gb is similar to a standard car engine noise level).

Alternatively the Absolute Data Destruction vehicle can be plugged in to a client power supply.  The vehicle requires a 16Amp 3 phase supply and either a 16 Amp single phase or 13 amp standard mains connection (220 to 240v A/C).


Each job requires a Statement of Work (SoW) before the activity can be confirmed.  Each vehicle is configured and equipped for the SoW in advance of the job.  The SoW will be approved by the client in advance.

The vehicle will arrive on site and staff will report and register with the site security manager responsible for the activity.  Staff carry picture identification and will be specified to the client in advance along with the vehicle registration details.  The site working space will be inspected and checked for safe working conditions.  Vehicles carry a folder of safe working procedures for inspection if required.

The team will then set up the vehicle in the designated work space.  It is the client’s responsibility to have the material to be processed available within the immediate vicinity of the work space or to bring the material to the vehicle as required.  If the material to be processed is not available a reasonable surcharge will be payable.  The Absolute Data Destruction team will move material within the vehicle vicinity providing it is safe to do so and does not weigh more than 25Kg per lift.

Various Media Types

Magnetic Tape Media

Magnetic Tape Media is degaussed using a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Approved degausser.  The then safe media is securely transported to an incineration plant which includes the recovery of energy from the waste material.  Tape shredding on site is also available however this is an expensive option due to environmental considerations and the logistics of disposing of shredded tape.

Optical Media

Optical media is shredded to a particle size of 5mm and then securely transported to an incineration plant which includes the recovery of energy from the waste material.

SSD and Flash Drives

SSD and Flash Drives is shredded to a particle size of 5mm and then securely transported to an recycling plant which includes the recovery of material for reuse  All batteries must be removed to avoid a risk of fire.

Scanning and Image Recording

Each item is scanned in to our DataTrace database using a bar code scanner.  In addition we record an image of the label
of every item which is stored electronically.
From the image DataTrace will decode any standard bar code and record
this data to the database.


At the close of the job the driver will report back to the site security Manager
and will provide a certificate for the completion of the job.  The material processed can be inspected.

Waste Material

As part of the service all material processed will be removed from site and