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Welcome to Absolute Data Destruction

We are a national Mobile Data Destruction service our teams operate across all of the UK. We specialise in all types of data destruction including Hard Disk Drives, Data Tapes and Optical Disks. We also offer data erasure/ wiping all with a compliance gurantee. Don’t take any risks with future of your company data- let us guarantee your data compliance.

  • On site data destruction to HMG Infosec standard 5
  • 100% Guaranteed service with the UK’s most reliably secure dual process Hard Drive Shredding System
  • CRB and UK Government Security Cleared Team
  • Video evidence report of asset destruction for full peace of mind
  • Certificate of Destruction issued
  • Hard Drives shredded to finer than the Government standards
  • Destruction of all types of storage undertaken
  • Magnetic wiping procedure prior to shredding of Data
  • Fully CCTV monitored and GPS tracked vans for the highest level of security
  • ISO 27001/9001/14001 Certified
  • Guaranteed legislation compliance

Our Services


If you have 10 or more hard drives please click below to book an on site secure mobile shredding appointment.

Absolute Data Destruction provides a range of services for managing the complete destruction of client data deliver guaranteed residual data destruction.

We also offer erasure services using a range of market leading tools such as Blanco Data Cleaner and Tabernus Enterprise Erase. All the tools are approved to the standards set out by GCHQ Communications-Electronic Security Group (CESG) in their HMG information Assurance (IA) Standard No 5- Secure Sanitisation of Protectively Marked or Sensitive Information, one of the most stringent data destruction standards in the world. We also exceed the requirements of the US Department of Defence standards

You can be 100% confident in our Guarantee

On Site Data Destruction and Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

Magnetic Tape Destruction

Hard Drive Erasure For Resale


  • product development
  • application development
  • product maintenance
  • feature enhancement
  • platform migration

The Process

Our dual process Hard drive shredder not only destroys the hard drive down to an average of 5mm particles it also degausses the data post destruction. Our process  is unique to Absolute Data Destruction.

Once the procedure is complete a certificate of destruction is issued detailing the assets destroyed.

The Video evidence of the procedure can then be viewed online.

At a Glance Features of our Ground Breaking Service

Penalties For Breaching The Data Protection Act

Breaches of the Data Protection Act

  • 2.17 million in monetary penalties issued between January 2013 and October 2014
  • 66 Enforcement notices issued for the same time period
  • Closure of Business, damage to brand and fines up to £500,000
  • Changes to legislation coming soon with unlimited fines

DPA penalties

April 2010, the Information commissioner’s office is granted the power to issue fines of up to £500,000 for serious Data Protection breaches. This would be for breaches knowingly done or by a third party such as hacking. As the Information commissioner’s office increases its investigations into more and more organisations. The value and number of fines issued for Data Protection breaches has gone through the roof.

  • 2010 : Only 2 fines in total £160,000
  • 2011: Seven fines going up to £541,100
  • 2012: Seventeen fines in total £2,143,000
  • 2013 to 2018 a massive increase in investigations into data breaches as fines increase to 10% of gross turnover.

How we can help with your Data Protection needs.

Absolute Data Destruction is a ISO 27001 regulated company. We can guarantee that your data will be destroyed strictly within the guide lines of Data Protection Act with the correct documentation to keep you safe from prosecution.

Breaching the Data Protection Act

July 2014

The Information commissioner’s office took action and fined a Thomas Cook subsidiary, Think W3 Ltd, £150,000 after a hacking breach. The hackers stole 1.1 million customers’ details including credit card and debit card numbers.

Complying with the Data Protection Act is not just about your company’s safety. It’s a matter of business of integrity